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Introducing our Buffer Tank – BT5/40 with a volume of 5 m³ and a design pressure of 5.0MPa. Suitable for air/non-toxic mediums, it provides a reliable solution with a service life of 20 years. Designed with Q345R container material, it guarantees durability and safety.

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Introducing the BT5/40 buffer tank: the perfect solution for efficient pressure control.

The BT5/40 buffer tank is an innovative high performance product designed to meet a wide variety of industrial applications requiring precise pressure control. With capacities up to 5 cubic meters, this tank provides a reliable and efficient solution for mitigating pressure fluctuations in systems handling air or non-toxic substances.

The BT5/40 buffer tank has a length of 4600mm and is designed to meet the specific needs of industrial processes requiring stable pressure levels. The tank has a design pressure of 5.0 MPa, ensuring excellent durability and safety precautions, making it a reliable choice for long-term operation. The robustness is further enhanced by the container material Q345R, ensuring optimum performance even in harsh working environments.

One of the main advantages of the BT5/40 buffer tank is its excellent service life of up to 20 years. The longer service life guarantees higher efficiency, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for a reliable pressure control mechanism. By choosing a BT5/40 surge tank, you can rely on its longevity and durability to improve overall productivity and operational performance.

Another notable feature of the BT5/40 surge tank is its versatility in handling a wide range of pressures. The tank has an operating range of 0 to 10 MPa, enabling businesses in various industries to easily maintain optimum pressure levels in the system. Whether you need to maintain high pressure or regulate it within specific limits, the BT5/40 surge tank provides the flexibility required for a variety of applications.

With safety in mind, the BT5/40 buffer tank has been specially designed to ensure the containment of air and non-toxic substances. This safety measure makes it suitable for industries that do not involve the handling of hazardous or toxic materials. By choosing a surge tank that prioritizes safety, you can implement a pressure control system that aligns with your business values ​​in terms of employee health and environmental well-being.

BT5/40 buffer tanks operate effectively in a temperature range of 20°C and are able to withstand a wide range of climatic conditions. This adaptability ensures continued reliable performance regardless of the external environment. You can rest assured that your tank will operate efficiently, maintaining precise pressure levels without affecting the system.

In conclusion, the BT5/40 surge tank exceeded expectations with its superior design and performance characteristics. With its long service life, wide pressure range and excellent safety measures, this product is ideal for businesses aiming to maintain an efficient pressure control system. Using a BT5/40 surge tank can significantly increase your operational efficiency, provide peace of mind and ensure continuous peak performance. Choose BT5/40 surge tanks and find the perfect solution for your pressure control needs.

Product Features

Here are the key points about BT5/40 buffer tanks:

●Volume and Dimensions: The BT5/40 model has a volume of 5 cubic meters and is suitable for medium duty applications. Its long 4600 size allows for easy installation and integration into existing systems.

●Materials of Construction: This tank is constructed of Q345R, a durable material that ensures longevity and durability.

●Design pressure: The design pressure of BT5/40 buffer tank is 5.0MPa, which can withstand high pressure without risk of leakage or failure. Suitable for applications requiring high pressure storage.

●Temperature Range: The tank has an operating temperature of 20°C, making it suitable for a wide range of environments without any risk of damage or malfunction.

●Long service life: The BT5/40 buffer tank has a service life of up to 20 years, providing reliable and efficient performance for a considerable period of time. This reduces the need for frequent replacement or repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring continued productivity.

●Wide Pressure Range Capability: The tank can operate from 0 to 10 MPa to meet different pressure requirements depending on the application. It is suitable for industries dealing with low pressure and high pressure fluids.

●Compatible media: BT5/40 buffer tanks are specially designed for storage of air or other non-toxic liquids belonging to group 2. This ensures the safety of the tank and eliminates potential risks to the system or the environment.
In summary, the BT5/40 buffer tank is a reliable and efficient solution for various industries such as HVAC, pharmaceutical, oil and gas. Its size, design pressure and long service life make it suitable for medium-duty applications. Its wide pressure range capability and compatibility with air and non-toxic fluids make it suitable for different industries. This tank features rugged construction, high pressure resistance and long-term durability for efficient fluid storage and distribution.

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Buffer tanks are key components in various industries and serve as storage units for liquids and gases. With a wide range of applications, buffer tanks have become an integral part of many processes. In this article we explore the range of applications for buffer tanks while discussing the characteristics of the specific model BT5/40.

Buffer tanks are mainly used to regulate and stabilize the pressure in the system, ensuring a constant flow of liquid or gas. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. The versatility of buffer tanks allows them to be used in a variety of processes, from pressure regulation to storing excess liquid or gas.

The BT5/40 is a popular buffer tank model designed to meet the needs of numerous industries. With a volume of 5 cubic meters, the tank provides ample storage space for liquids and gases. It is constructed of a durable container material called Q345R, which guarantees its longevity and reliability. The design pressure of 5.0MPa ensures that the tank can withstand higher pressure, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The BT5/40 surge tank has a recommended service life of 20 years, providing longer periods of reliable operation. Whether used in a manufacturing process or as a backup storage unit, the tank guarantees long-term functionality. Its operating temperature of 20 degrees Celsius enables it to withstand changes in thermal conditions without affecting its performance.

The BT5/40 can handle a pressure range of 0 to 10 MPa, making it adaptable to various pressure requirements. This flexibility further enhances its usability in different industries and processes. In addition, the tank is designed for air or non-toxic gases and belongs to group 2 in terms of safety classification. This ensures that the tank is suitable for handling substances that are not harmful to human health.

The BT5/40 buffer tank has a compact size of 4600 mm in length and can be easily integrated into existing systems or transported to different locations. Its versatile design and robust construction make it an excellent choice for industries requiring a reliable buffer tank solution.

In conclusion, buffer tanks find application in a wide variety of industries and processes. With a 5 cubic meter capacity and Q345R vessel material, the BT5/40 model is a reliable solution for pressure regulation and storage needs. Its long service life, wide pressure range, and air/non-toxic gas compatibility make it suitable for various industries. Whether used in manufacturing, oil and gas, or chemical processes, the BT5/40 surge tank provides a reliable, efficient solution for maintaining pressure stability.


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  • Design parameters and technical requirements
    Serial number Project Container
    1 Standards and specifications for design, manufacture, testing and inspection 1. GB/T150.1~150.4-2011 “Pressure Vessels”.
    2. TSG 21-2016 “Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Stationary Pressure Vessels”.
    3. NB/T47015-2011 “Welding Regulations for Pressure Vessels”.
    2 Design pressure(MPa) 5.0
    3 Work pressure(MPa) 4.0
    4 Set tempreture( ℃) 80
    5 Operating temperature (℃) 20
    6 Medium Air/Non-toxic/Second Group
    7 Main pressure component material Steel plate grade and standard Q345R   GB/T713-2014
    Recheck /
    8 Welding materials Submerged arc welding H10Mn2+SJ101
    Gas metal arc welding, argon tungsten arc welding, electrode arc welding ER50-6,J507
    9 Weld joint coefficient 1.0
    10 Lossless
    Type A, B splice connector NB/T47013.2-2015 100% X-ray, Class II, Detection Technology Class AB
    NB/T47013.3-2015 /
    A, B, C, D, E type welded joints NB/T47013.4-2015 100% magnetic particle inspection, grade
    11 Corrosion allowance(mm) 1
    12 Calculate thickness(mm) Cylinder: 17.81 Head: 17.69
    13 Full volume(m³) 5
    14 Filling factor /
    15 Heat treatment /
    16 Container categories Class II
    17 Seismic design code and grade level 8
    18 Wind load design code and wind speed Wind pressure 850Pa
    19 Test pressure Hydrostatic test (water temperature not lower than 5°C) MPa /
    Air pressure test(MPa) 5.5 (Nitrogen)
    Air tightness test(MPa) /
    20 Safety accessories and instruments Pressure gauge Dial: 100mm Range: 0~10MPa
    safety valve set pressure:MPa 4.4
    nominal diameter DN40
    21 Surface cleaning JB/T6896-2007
    22 Design service life 20 years
    23 Packaging and Shipping According to the regulations of NB/T10558-2021 “Pressure Vessel Coating and Transport Packaging”
    Note:1. The equipment should be effectively grounded, and the grounding resistance should be ≤10Ω.
    2. This equipment is regularly inspected according to the requirements of TSG 21-2016 “Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Stationary Pressure Vessels”. When the corrosion amount of the equipment reaches the specified value in the drawing ahead of time during the use of the equipment, it will be stopped immediately.
    3. The orientation of the nozzle is viewed in the direction of A.
     Nozzle table
    Symbol Nominal size Connection size standard Connecting surface type Purpose or name
    A DN80 HG/T 20592-2009 WN80(B)-63  RF Air intake
    B / M20×1.5 Butterfly pattern Pressure gauge interface
    C DN80 HG/T 20592-2009 WN80(B)-63 RF Air outlet
    D DN40 / Welding Safety valve interface
    E DN25 / Welding Sewage Outlet
    F DN40 HG/T 20592-2009 WN40(B)-63  RF Thermometer mouth
    G DN450 HG/T 20615-2009 S0450-300  RF Manhole
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