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Get top-quality MT(Q)LAr storage tanks for efficient storage and transportation. Explore our range of tanks designed for optimal performance and reliability.

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Liquefied argon (LAr) is a key ingredient in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. In order to store and transport large amounts of LAr, MT(Q)LAr storage tanks are widely used. These tanks are designed to keep substances at low temperatures and high pressures, ensuring their stability and longevity. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of MT(Q)LAr tanks and their importance in maintaining safe and efficient operations.

One of the main features of MT(Q)LAr tanks is their excellent insulation properties. These tanks are carefully insulated to minimize heat transfer and reduce any potential heat leaks. Thermal insulation plays a vital role in maintaining the low temperatures required for LAr storage, as any increase in temperature will cause the material to evaporate. The insulation also ensures that LAr maintains its high purity and prevents any contamination from external factors.

Another key feature of these tanks is their rugged construction. MT(Q)LAr storage tanks are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel to ensure durability and reliability. These tanks are designed to withstand high pressures, ensuring safe containment of LAr even under extreme conditions. This sturdy construction minimizes the risk of leaks or accidents, ensuring the safety of the stored LAr and the surrounding environment.

MT(Q)LAr tanks also feature advanced safety features. These tanks are equipped with pressure relief valves to prevent overpressure conditions and ensure a safe operating environment. Additionally, they feature robust ventilation systems to manage any gas buildup or overpressure. These safety features are essential to prevent any potential hazards and ensure the continuous safe storage of LAr.

Additionally, MT(Q)LAr tanks are designed with ease of access and maneuverability in mind. They feature a sturdy, secure mounting platform that allows for easy maintenance and inspection activities. The tanks are also equipped with reliable filling and drainage systems that enable efficient and controlled movement of LAr into and out of the tank. These design features help improve the overall ease of operation and maintenance of the storage system.

In addition, MT(Q)LAr storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet different storage capacity requirements. Whether it's a small laboratory or a large industrial facility, these tanks can be customized to meet specific needs. This flexibility enables scalability and ensures the best storage solution for any LAr-related operation.

Overall, MT(Q)LAr storage tanks have several important properties that are critical for safe, efficient LAr storage. Its superior insulation properties, rugged construction, advanced safety features and convenient design help ensure the stability, longevity and purity of stored LAr. By investing in these tanks, industries and organizations can maintain the integrity of their LAr supply chains and maintain the highest safety standards.

To sum up, the MT(Q)LAr storage tank is an important part of the storage and transportation of liquefied argon. Their characteristics, including insulation properties, rugged construction, safety features and convenient design, play a key role in maintaining the stability and safety of LAr. By understanding and exploiting these properties, industry and institutions can ensure efficient and safe handling of LAr, allowing them to continue to benefit from its various applications.

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We offer a variety of tank sizes to suit a variety of storage needs. These tanks have capacities ranging from 1500* to 264,000 US gallons (6,000 to 1,000,000 liters). They are designed to withstand maximum pressures between 175 and 500 psig (12 and 37 barg). With our diverse selection, you can easily find the perfect tank size and pressure rating to meet your specific requirements.

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Cryogenic applications are becoming increasingly common in various industries including scientific research, medical, aerospace and energy. These applications often require the storage of large quantities of liquid argon (LAr), a cryogenic liquid known for its low boiling point and numerous industrial applications. In order to meet the requirements for safe storage and efficient utilization of LAr, MT(Q)LAr storage tanks emerged as a safe and reliable solution.

MT(Q)LAr storage tanks are specifically designed to store and transport LAr under cryogenic conditions. Made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel, these tanks are able to withstand extremely low temperatures and provide excellent thermal insulation. The tank also features a rugged design ensuring durability and reliability under a variety of operating conditions.

In cryogenic applications, safety is paramount, especially due to the extremely low temperatures involved. MT(Q)LAr tanks are equipped with multiple safety features to prevent accidents and minimize risks. They have advanced thermal insulation systems that maintain the required low temperature environment while preventing external heat transfer. This prevents LAr from undergoing a phase change, thereby reducing the chance of pressure build-up in the tank.

Another important safety feature of MT(Q)LAr tanks is the presence of a pressure relief system. The storage tank is equipped with a safety valve. When the pressure in the storage tank exceeds the set limit, the safety valve will automatically release the excess pressure. This prevents over-pressurization, minimizing the risk of tank rupture or explosion.

Efficiency is another key aspect of the MT(Q)LAr tank. These tanks use advanced vacuum technology, such as vacuum insulated panels, for maximum thermal efficiency. This helps reduce heat entering the tank, minimizing the overall evaporation rate of LAr. By minimizing the evaporation rate, the tank can store LAr for long periods of time, ensuring it is available when needed.

Additionally, the MT(Q)LAr tank is designed to have a minimal footprint. Space is often a constraint across industries and these tanks are designed to be compact and can be easily integrated into existing facilities. Their modular structure also allows for easy expansion or repositioning based on the changing needs of the application.

The versatility of MT(Q)LAr tanks makes them suitable for use in a variety of industries. In scientific research, these tanks play a vital role in high-energy physics experiments and particle accelerators, providing a reliable source of LAr for cooling detector systems and conducting experiments. In medicine, LAr is used in cryosurgery, preserving organs, and processing biological samples. MT(Q)LAr tanks ensure uninterrupted supply for such critical applications.

In addition, the aerospace industry uses LAr for space exploration and satellite testing. MT(Q)LAr storage tanks can safely transport LAr to remote areas, ensuring the success of space missions. In the energy sector, LAr is used as a refrigerant in liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, where MT(Q)LAr tanks are critical for the storage and regasification process.

In summary, the MT(Q)LAr tank provides a safe and efficient solution for storing and utilizing liquid argon in cryogenic applications. Its robust design, safety features and thermal efficiency make it ideal for various industries where LAr is indispensable. By ensuring the availability and reliability of LAr, these tanks contribute to advances and advancements in scientific research, medical care, aerospace exploration and energy production.


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  • Specification Effective volume Design pressure Working pressure Maximum allowable working pressure Minimum design metal temperature Vessel type Vessel size Vessel weight Thermal insulation type Static evaporation rate Sealing vacuum Design service life Paint brand
    m3 MPa Mpa MPa / mm Kg / %/d(O2) Pa Y /
    MT(Q)3/16 3.0 1.600 <1.00 1.726 -196 1900*2150*2900 (1660) Multi-layer winding 0.220 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)3/23.5 3.0 2.350 <2.35 2.500 -196 1900*2150*2900 (1825) Multi-layer winding 0.220 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)3/35 3.0 3.500 <3.50 3.656 -196 1900*2150*2900 (2090) Multi-layer winding 0.175 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)5/16 5.0 1.600 <1.00 1.695 -196 2200*2450*3100 (2365) Multi-layer winding 0.153 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)5/23.5 5.0 2.350 <2.35 2.361 -196 2200*2450*3100 (2595) Multi-layer winding 0.153 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)5/35 5.0 3.500 <3.50 3.612 -196 2200*2450*3100 (3060) Multi-layer winding 0.133 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)7.5/16 7.5 1.600 <1.00 1.655 -196 2450*2750*3300 (3315) Multi-layer winding 0.115 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)7.5/23.5 7.5 2.350 <2.35 2.382 -196 2450*2750*3300 (3650) Multi-layer winding 0.115 0.02 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)7.5/35 7.5 3.500 <3.50 3.604 -196 2450*2750*3300 (4300) Multi-layer winding 0.100 0.03 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)10/16 10.0 1.600 <1.00 1.688 -196 2450*2750*4500 (4700) Multi-layer winding 0.095 0.05 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)10/23.5 10.0 2.350 <2.35 2.442 -196 2450*2750*4500 (5200) Multi-layer winding 0.095 0.05 30 Jotun
    MT(Q)10/35 10.0 3.500 <3.50 3.612 -196 2450*2750*4500 (6100) Multi-layer winding 0.070 0.05 30 Jotun


    1. The above parameters are designed to meet the parameters of oxygen, nitrogen and argon at the same time;
    2. The medium can be any liquefied gas, and the parameters may be inconsistent with the table values;
    3. The volume/dimensions can be any value and can be customized;
    4.Q stands for strain strengthening, C refers to liquid carbon dioxide storage tank
    5. The latest parameters can be obtained from our company due to product updates.

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